Invest in Orlando

Real Estate Investment in Orlando

FCG Realty has been working with investors since 1996, we assisted clients with the purchase of the property, rehab with contractors and long term management including payment of expenses and administrative work.

Our local team of experts have the perfect knowledge of the area so assit you in purchasing income properties in south Orlando area. Our Real Estate agents will advice you to make the best decision on your real estate investment based on our experience of the rental market in the area.

By working with investors, our goal is to generate a constant cash flow and develop you rate of return over the duration of your investment.

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International Investors

Over the last 20 years our firm has been working with investors from all around the world, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. We developed a long term relationship with our foreign investors as we assist foreign owners in administrative tasks, payment of expenses and tax preparation report and forms (form 1042 or 1042-s)

Our team has fluent speakers in English, Spanish and French.

If you own or want to buy an investment property in Orlando, contact FCG Realty with any question, we are very familiar with international investors and can assist you from the purchase to the leasing of your property.